Fashion X Dallas

After three fashion shows across the country in the last four weeks, believe me when I say it's hard work.  Late night sewing, last minute additions, and early morning traveling (6 am departures!) are just the beginning!  Even with all the work, traveling, and sleepless nights, it's totally worth it.  The best part this latest show was the people I got to see.

On Saturday at Fashion X Dallas, I had the privilege of showing with several amazing designers from Project Runway.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone's collections, each of which was unique to the designer.  Being with Laura Kathleen, Korto Momolu, Mychael Knight, Jeffrey Sebelia, Daniel Esquivel, Melissa Fleis, and Anthony Ryan Auld in Dallas was like a family reunion (even though this was my first time meeting some of them in person).  All I have to say is the next time I see these people (especially Anthony Ryan and Melissa) can't come soon enough!