Coming to the runway Friday, October 9th in Portland, Oregon at FashioNXT.  My collection, ‘PIN ME / PIERCE ME’, has been a labor of love… lost love.  

Each collection I make tells a story, imparting emotion, sincerity, and depth to my clothing, making them not just garments, not just fabric, but a tale from the heart.  ‘PIN ME / PIERCE ME’ continues my tradition of emotive design, and has taken me down a beautiful road of healing, incorporating lace, roses, and a dash of heavy metal!

Promises made, promises broken ‘PIN ME / PIERCE ME’ is a collection based on the hopes of a promise that is only to be taken away.  Inspired by the pinning of a woman by a man as a promise of pre-engagement in the 1950’s & 1960’s, ‘PIN ME / PIERCE ME’ combines romance and heartache; the optimism of being pinned with the devastation of having your heart pierced. 

Continuing the story of my collection, I had sorority/fraternity pins made.  Click here to to buy your own! These are made to be worn as a badge of pride, a badge of courage, a badge of strength. We have all had a heart full of promises emptied by one swift pierce.  Tell me your tale and I will show you mine at FashioNXT on October 9th.  Hope to see you there!  Click here for tickets