Bleeding Heart Sweater

Believe or not, the email we get the most here at the studio is about my bleeding heart sweater from my Project Runway finale collection.  It was an awesome experience making this piece.  I worked with my friend and fellow Project Runway alum Joe Segal who teaches computerized design at Rhode Island School of Design.  With his help, I made the sweater on a computerized knitting machine.  I don't have a machine like this and even outsourcing production would be expensive.  It's actually so expensive to produce that I don't even have one!  The printed bleeding heart shirts and sweatshirts I have for sale are my way of giving you, my devoted bleeding heart fans, something close to the product you all love.  Hopefully one day we'll have the infrastructure to make the sweater available to everyone at a reasonable price point.  I'm so lucky to have such dedicated fans!