And all signs point to.....

We get a lot of queries about Michelle here at ML Head Quarters. There have been quite a few regarding her astrological sign, and as astro-omen readers ourselves, we thought we'd share; Michelle Lesniak is a Moon Child, that's right, she's a Cancer.

So there you go! Does it make sense?



Out With the Gold and in With the New

Michelle is switching gears from her line, Au Clothing, and bringing it back to basics by announcing her self-labeled brand, Michelle Lesniak. Fans need not worry, the aesthetic will stay the same, but the Portland designer is ready to grow beyond the label that helped put her signature "ML" style on the map.

IMG_4353 copy.jpg

A little Licorice and Lace at Content

Michelle will de 'dressing' a hotel room at the Ace of Portland this year (November 9th) for an art/fashion installation called Content. She'll also be selling some of her goods at Cleaner's, the Ace Hotel's pop up shop. Click here for more info and to buy tickets.

We can't tell you much about Michelle's concept but we can tell you this; expect a dark and moody birthday parlor.... 


Michelle kills FashionXT

FashioNXT welcomed a sold-out Friday night crowd to experience the first Fall/Winter collection from Michelle since Project Runway. The collection, titled "Decay", was inspired by finding the beauty of things coming to an end, whether it be in death or in change. 


She collaborated with local talent to bring her vision for "Decay" to the runway of FashioNXT through custom music, hair accessories, and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Portland musician, Milo Walker-Hayden, composed a song for the show and performed it live on violin while the models strutted down the runway. Bringing her vision to the next level, Michelle designed custom prints with Kate Troyer to give already luxurious fabrics a unique twist. Metallic screen print, sketched leaves, and whimsical rats sashayed down the runway.


To accessorize, Ben Posen from Sticks and Stones contributed jewelry made of antique baby doll limbs and animal jaw bones. Sarah Adams made hairpieces with black hair to match the bold, black lipstick. 


After the last look hit the runway, Michelle knew exactly what she needed to do next. 











Screen Printing

For a print maker by trade you can imagine Michelle had a good day printing with textile designer Kate Troyer. Kate and Michelle screen printed large leaf motifs that will be featured in her fall/winter collection 'Decay'.


Fade to Light; A multidimensional Fashion Event

Michelle loves to collaborate. Especially when it's with super talented folk like Zach Brown and Milo Hayden. While Michelle's collection walked the runway Zach's video played in the background as Milo Hayden played violin over his music composed specially for her collection 'Little Girl Lost'.

Here's a quick shot of 'Little Girl Lost' as it floats down the runway at The Crystal Ballroom. 

fade to light 1.jpg